Ioden is an average cop, until the Salk, who believe him to be the “Chosen One”, kidnap him and his wife Mary while destroying all traces of their lives. Ioden is tough, yet not a total jerk. He’s an expert with guns and knives, as well as explosive. He can get out of any tough situation, defeat any enemy, stop any plan, or do anything else a good hero should be able to do.


Mary is Ioden’s wife. While not a supermodel, and in fact quite man-like visually, she’s almost as tough as Ioden, though certainly not as able to get out of any situation. She has no trouble killing an enemy threatening her, and she’s fairly good with weapons, yet she prefers to leave everything to Ioden and just follow him.

Lord Talagar

Lord Talagar is the lord of the Salk race. From the all but indestructible mothership surrounded by the enormous Salken army and hundreds of escort ships, Talagar rules everything with an iron fist. Nobody so much as fires a laser at an asteroid without his permission. He has over three dozen councils on the mothership to command each commanding military ship so that he doesn’t have to go over everything, yet big orders, such as destroying a planet, always require his agreement. Talagar is a greedy, cruel monster twisted with power, which is something you could say about just about any intergalactic leader (at least, before the Salk killed, arrested, or enslaved them all!). He wants nothing more than to destroy every other race in the universe, raid their planets, and then destroy all traces of their existence. He needs to be stopped.

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