Ioden by Eric Smith


Chapter II: The Beginning of a War

Part II: Ioden Cuts To The Chase


Sorry for no comic on Thursday or Tuesday. I've had a metric crap-load of homework and projects and stuff, and I had to spend time with my cousin, and see Star Wars (which rules, go see it if you somehow haven't already), etc. I'm not guaranteeing one for Tuesday either, but for next Thursday, there will be one. Enjoy!

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Featured Rant/News

I am going to work on advertising the comic a bit more. I am taking it a bit more seriously, and I do hope I can get at least a moderate amount of people to read it!

Other/Previous Rants:

-The Sin City soundtrack is just plain awesome. The movie is ten times better, but it being one of the best movies I've ever had the pleasure of watching, that's saying quite a bit about the soundtrack. Some songs are too short or don't sound quite right, but the majority of them are all completely awesome, and definitely, the soundtrack is worth a buy. Whether you pay $10 through iTunes, or $14 through a store, it's worth the money.

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